Advanced Configuration

Some of the more advanced aspects of VertiGIS Studio Workflow require editing of the appsettings.json file.

Server Retention Policy

Workflow creates temporary files every time a server workflow is run. These can accumulate over time. To limit the effects of this, Workflow regularly deletes old files from the data directory. By default, this affects jobs that ran more than seven days ago. If you wish to change this limit, you must edit the "StorageRetentionLimit".

  1. Navigate to the folder where you installed Workflow.

    The default location is C:\Program Files\VertiGIS\VertiGIS Studio Workflow.

    To find out the installed location, you can look up the physical path of the workflow application in IIS. It resides in the "Deployment" sub-directory.

  2. Edit the Deployment\service\appsettings.json file as an administrator.

  3. Update the value of StorageRetentionLimit.

    The default value of "7.00:00:00.000" represents seven days. Change this to the number of days that you want to keep old jobs.

    Only the number of days is considered. If you add hours, minutes, seconds or milliseconds, this has no effect.

    If the specified value is invalid, the default value of seven days is used. An error is also logged to the Application Event Log.

    If the specified value is less than one day, the minimum value of one day is used.

  4. Save and close the file.

  5. In IIS, recycle the VertiGISStudioWorkflow application pool.