Import and Export Workflows

Workflow Designer's File | Export function exports the active workflow to a .json file. The File | Import function imports an exported workflow into Designer.

Use Import and Export to move workflows between portals or share workflows outside your organization.

Move Workflows from One Portal to Another

To move workflows from one portal to another:

  1. Export the workflows from the first portal one at a time.
  2. Make sure the exported workflows are accessible to the second portal, moving them if necessary.
  3. Open Workflow Designer in the second portal and import the workflows one at a time.
  4. Save each workflow. This creates ArcGIS items for the workflows in the second portal.

Share a Workflow with an Author Outside your Organization

To share a workflow with an author outside your organization:

  1. You:

    1. Export the workflow.
    2. Send the exported workflow to the outside author.
  2. Outside Author:

    1. Open Workflow Designer,
    2. Import the workflow.
    3. Save the workflow. This creates an ArcGIS item for the workflow in your portal.