Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts makes workflow design quicker and easier. In the tables below, the Shortcut column gives the keys to press to perform the action given in the Action column. To use a keyboard shortcut such as Ctrl + Alt + N, press the Ctrl, Alt, and N keys simultaneously.

When using Workflow Designer on a Mac, use the Cmd key instead of the Ctrl key in keyboard shortcuts.


These shortcuts operate on Workflow Designer panels.



Ctrl + Alt + O

Open or close the File menu. The File menu opens to the Open option.


Perform the search, when searching from a File menu option like Open or Delete.
Perform the main action of the File menu option, like open or delete the selected workflow.

Ctrl + Alt + D

Open or close the Validation panel at the bottom of Workflow Designer.

Ctrl + Alt + H
Ctrl + F1

Open or close the Help panel.

Ctrl + Alt + T

Open or close the Toolbox panel.


These shortcuts operate on workflows and subworkflows.



Ctrl + Alt + N

Create a new, blank workflow.

Ctrl + S

Save the current workflow.

If the workflow has not been saved before, this shortcut opens the Save As panel so you can enter a title for the workflow before saving.

Ctrl + Alt + ,

(Ctrl + Alt + comma)

Go to the previous tab to the left (previous workflow).

Ctrl + Alt + .

(Ctrl + Alt + period)

Go to the next tab to the right (next workflow).

Ctrl + Alt + W

Close the current tab (current workflow).

Ctrl + Alt + Home

Go to the main workflow from a subworkflow.

Ctrl + Alt + B

Go up one level in a workflow with forms and/or nested subworkflows.


Design Surface

These shortcuts manipulate the design surface to adjust the view of the flowchart.

In addition to the shortcuts described in the table below, you can move the flowchart by dragging the design surface.




Position the flowchart top and center and select the start box.

Mouse Wheel Up *

Scroll up.

Mouse Wheel Down *

Scroll down.

Arrow Keys

With the design surface active, scroll part of a page in the direction of the arrow.

Click anywhere on the design surface to make it active.

If one or more activities are selected, the arrow keys move the activities within the flowchart instead of scrolling the design surface.

Page Up

Scroll up one page.

Page Down

Scroll down one page.

Ctrl + =

(Ctrl + equals sign)
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up *

Zoom in.

Ctrl + -

(Ctrl + dash)
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Down *

Zoom out.

Ctrl + 0

(Ctrl + zero)

Reset the zoom level.

*   "Mouse Wheel Up" means "Turn the mouse wheel away from yourself". "Mouse Wheel Down" means "Turn the mouse wheel toward yourself".


These shortcuts operate on activities and connectors.



Ctrl + drag
Ctrl + click

Select activities and connectors by holding the Ctrl key down and dragging across or clicking the activities/connectors.


Open the subworkflow for the selected activity. Applies to activities with a subworkflow, like For Each, Loop, and Container.
Open the form designer for the selected Display Form activity.

Arrow Keys

With one or more activities selected, move the activities within the flowchart.

If the design surface is active, the arrow keys scroll the design surface instead of moving the activities.

Ctrl + X

Cut the selected activities.

Ctrl + C

Copy the selected activities.

Ctrl + V

Paste the previously cut or copied activities.


Delete the selected activities and connectors.

Ctrl + Z

Undo changes to the flowchart and its activities, like adding, connecting, configuring, moving, and deleting activities.

Ctrl + Y

Redo changes that were undone using Ctrl + Z.

Form Elements

These shortcuts operates on form elements in the Display Form activity's form designer.



Ctrl + X

Cut the selected form element.

Ctrl + C

Copy the selected form element.

Ctrl + V

Paste the previously cut or copied form element.


Delete the selected form element.


These shortcuts operate on expressions in activity inputs.



Down Arrow

Highlight the next auto-complete suggestion in the list of suggestions.

Up Arrow

Highlight the previous auto-complete suggestion in the list of suggestions.


Insert the highlighted auto-complete suggestion into the expression.


Hide the auto-complete suggestions.

Ctrl + Enter

Submit the expression entered in the Input Editor . Equivalent to clicking OK in the Input Editor.