To open the Navigator, click Navigator at the bottom of Workflow Designer.

Location of the button to open and close the Navigator

The Navigator shows the hierarchical structure of a workflow. Unlike the design surface, which only shows one level of the workflow at a time, the Navigator shows all the activities in the workflow and its subworkflows, in one place. This allows you to review the flow of a workflow without having to jump between levels.

Navigator, showing an activity with a description, an activity with an ID, and a subworkflow that can be collapsed and expanded

You can click any activity in the Navigator to navigate the flowchart to the activity. The activity that you clicked is automatically centered and selected to show its properties.

Click an activity in the Navigator () to navigate to the activity's (sub)workflow () and select the activity ()

The Navigator is also used to display the results of activity searches initiated from an activity's Actions menu:

Actions menu search options