Run Workflows from QuickCapture

You can configure ArcGIS QuickCapture to send capture event data to server workflows using webhooks.

Server workflows require on-premises Workflow. Cloud Workflow cannot run server workflows.

To configure an ArcGIS QuickCapture project to run a workflow, you must create a workflow that can receive webhook requests. Next, you must add a webhook to the QuickCapture project settings and configure it to point to the workflow.

Configure ArcGIS QuickCapture to Run a Workflow

This procedure assumes that you already have an account with ArcGIS QuickCapture.

To configure a workflow to receive webhook requests

If you do not have a workflow configured to receive webhook requests, you can use a workflow sample to get started.

  1. Open Workflow Designer.

  2. Click File | New.

  3. Select the Receive Webhook Request sample.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Modify the workflow for your own environment and save your changes.

    Your workflow can access the QuickCapture event data via the workflow's inputs. For more information about inputs, see Workflow Inputs.

To configure an ArcGIS QuickCapture project to run a workflow:

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS QuickCapture.

  2. Edit a the desired QuickCapture project.

  3. From the menu at the top of the window, select Additional settings > Webhooks.

  4. Click New webhook.

  5. Set the Name of the Webhook to a name of your choice, for example: Run workflow on capture.

  6. Select the desired Target feature layer.

  7. In the Webhook URL property, use the example below as an guide for your entry.


    In the example, <server> is the machine where VertiGIS Studio Workflow is installed, and<workflow-id> is the id of the server workflow. <query-string> is optional and can be used to provide any additional inputs to the server workflow.

    Query string inputs must use the following format: a=1&b=2 etc.

    Content of the capture record is sent automatically, regardless of a query string being specified.

  8. Select the types of Event data you wish to be sent to your server workflow.

    If your workflow is secured, you must:
    • Include Portal information
    • Share your workflow with the end users of the ArcGIS QuickCapture project
  9. Set Status to On if you want the webhook to be active immediately. Set the Status to Off to set the webhook to be inactive.

  10. Confirm your changes and click Save.