Agent Setup

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Agent Setup

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After an Agent has been installed, it must be setup and configured with a data path and connection information for the Hub server.


How to setup an Agent

1.When the install wizard finishes, the Agent Setup utility will start automatically. Click Next to continue.

2.The Service Name, Service Path, and Data Path fields are auto-populated. Optionally, you can select another data path by clicking Select Folder and navigating to the desired folder path. Any desired path can be used and you can also create a new folder as well. Once you are satisfied with the Data Path, click Next to continue.

3.Accept the connection from the Analytics Hub by clicking Yes.

4.If successful, you will be prompted with a success message. Click Next to finish setting up this Agent.

5.Click Save & Finish to finalize this Agent's configuration.

6.This Agent's installation is complete. Click Finish to complete the setup. Optionally, add resources below.

Resources to monitor (Servers, ArcGIS Servers, Portals for ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Online) can be added now or at any time in the future. See Add a Resource.

7.In the Agents screen, you will see the new Agent listed with its various properties: Agent Name, Machine Name, # of Configured Resources, Is Alive, and Last Reported.

Note that the # of Configured Resources is zero. Resources have not been added yet, but can be added at any time. See Add a Resource.