Agent Installation

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Agent Installation

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Any server or virtual server in your GIS that has an Analytics Agent installed can gather data and send it to the Hub.


How to install Agent software

1.Log in to a server that you wish to install an Agent. Launch the Analytics interface by opening a browser and entering the Hub's domain address: <host name or IP address of Hub server>/VertiGIS/Studio/Analytics.

Note that the URL path was setup during the Hub installation and is user modifiable.


2.Sign in to Analytics.

3.The VertiGIS Studio Analytics application opens. Click the Settings icon.

4.Click Agents, then click Add New Agent.

5.In the Add New Agent frame, read the short list of instructions and click Download Agent Installer. Click Next to continue.

The Agent installer downloads to your user's Download directory.

7.Enter a name for this Agent and click Next to continue. This name will be the display name used in the Analytics interface


Ensure this browser window is left open while running the Agent Setup utility. This is important because the  Analytics Hub will communicate with the Agent during setup.

8.The Agent Configuration screen will be seen as below. This window should be kept open while running the Agent Setup utility.

9.The Agent Setup wizard is launched. Click Next to continue.

10.Read the License Agreement, accept the terms, and click Next to continue.

11.The default destination folder populates. Optionally, you can change the destination folder by clicking Change. Once you are satisfied with the destination folder, click Next to continue.

12.The Setup Wizard is ready to begin the install. Click Install to begin.

13. Ensure the checkbox is enabled to launch the Agent Setup utility and click Finish.