What's New

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What's New

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1.1 - January 2023

New Features:

Security. We have added two great capabilities to our security model:

oIt is now possible to configure Admin/Viewer access using Windows domain user groups.

oIt is now possible to configure Admin/Viewer access using ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS user accounts and groups.

Custom Events. Both Studio Web and Studio Mobile have implemented commands that allow you record custom Analytics events (Web | Mobile). We have added a new panel to allow users to view and explore the data from these events in Studio Analytics.

In the Mobile reports we've added a number of new panels to help understand how users are downloading app files, and how they work with map areas. Specifically, we have added Map Area Downloads, Map Area Updates, Map Area Send Changes, and Downloads. The data in these panels can help identify situations where users are experiencing delays when working in a disconnected state.

In both Web and Mobile reports, we have added load time metrics to the Sessions panel to better explore performance issues that users might have.



197464 - Fixed an issue where the last reboot date for a server sometimes appeared with the wrong timezone.

198262 - Fixed an issue where the date picker was available in the Reports > Overview page.

198363 - Fixed an issue where ArcGIS Online could be added with an incorrectly formed URL.

201133 - Fixed a data display issue that occurred when an Agent service was restarted.

200009 - Fixed an issue where ArcGIS Online data could show gaps in some cases.

201239 - Fixed an issue where a tracked app appeared under different end points based on whether they were run anonymously or logged in.


Studio Analytics updates do not require you to re-run the setup utilities. Once the Hub is updated, it will push any necessary updates out to the agents.