Configure the AOP Core Role

As the AOP Core Role is not required for AOP to run, you may have to install the role. See Install the AOP Core Role for more information.

To ensure that your AOP application is secure, you need to configure the AOP Role that Geocortex Core uses so that AOP recognizes your GeoEvent server as a valid source of information. You also need to create credentials for other services that need to interact with AOP so that AOP recognizes which services are valid and which are not.

Ideally, Geocortex Core should be configured to use HTTPS.

To follow best practice, the AOP Core Role has two security mechanisms that you need to configure. Both of the security mechanisms are configured in the role.config file of the AOP Role. The default installed location for the file is:
C:\Program Files\Latitude Geographics\Geocortex Core\NSRoot\Geocortex\AOP\role.config

The two security mechanisms include:

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