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What is Printing for ArcGIS Pro?

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VertiGIS Studio Printing for ArcGIS Pro is a template-based printing tool enabling the configuration of reusable and repeatable printing processes. It uses the brand-new Studio Printing Engine to perform high-quality print jobs. Tools are available for creating, editing, and publishing studio layouts. It contains innovative functionalities for an accelerated workflow of preparing and executing print jobs. 

Studio Layout Editor - Tool for creating layouts.

Share as Web Layout Template - Publish your layouts on the Esri Portal.

Studio Layout Manager - Central tool for publishing and maintaining print layouts, as well as for creating and managing layout packages and layout field presets. Manage and edit your templates in an easy and quick manner.

Studio Printing Gallery Quick print - type-specific access to layout-based printing.

Print Area Selection Tool - Print type specific tools for selecting the print area in space and time.

Studio Printing Dockpane - Intuitive Printing configuration guided by the Studio Printing Dockpane. The used configuration can be saved for reuse.


The goal of Printing for ArcGIS Pro is to save you time during designing, printing, and updating your cartographic products. A big part of Printing for ArcGIS Pro are the templates. This document will help you design your templates and position elements on your map. Data can be either manually entered or filled in automatically by the print engine. Designing the templates can be done with a Studio layout designer or you can also create templates with standard industry tools and publish it. 

The four main sections to discuss are: 

The Interface

Designing a layout

Managing layouts

The printing process


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