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What is Toolkit for ArcGIS Pro?

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VertiGIS Studio Toolkit for ArcGIS Pro is a collection of tools helping you to work more efficiently within ArcGIS Pro.

a.Identify Features Tool - Tool for interactive identification of points, lines, polygons, annotations and dimensions.

b.Annotation - Bring the Annotation functionality for ArcGIS Pro to a new level with expanded possibilities.

c.Result list - Great help to keep track of list items and to display and edit their attributes.

i.Bulk Data Editing – speed up your editing chores significantly

d.Studio Projects – Easy Management of your Studio Projects

e.Map Displays - Access all your map views easily.

f.Construction & Dimensioning - Comprehensible and easy to use editing and alignment options inside one tool.

g.Query Manager – Manage your Definition Queries in a concise way, no matter how many layers and query profiles you need.

h.Import Survey Data – Import points, lines, polygons in many formats and with vast configuration options.

i.Multi Lines Tool - Effortlessly create parallel lines, adjust distances and alignments, and save different line combinations

j.Rotate and align point symbols - Perfectly align and rotate point symbols with ease. Automatically align to selected line features, rotate by +-90° or any custom angle.

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