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Edit Query Profiles

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Start the Editor view for creating or editing a query profile.

The editor view is also used when only the properties are to be displayed.


A query profile has the following attributes:




Name of the query profile.

This is used in the list and for the name of the query on the map layer/table.


Description to the query profile.

This is displayed in the list below the name (if too long, in shortened form).

For query profiles on map layers/tables, the name of the map layer/table and the path within all map layers are listed here.


Freely selectable keywords that can be used to search query profiles.


Subject for which this query profile was defined. The list of query profiles can then be grouped by subject.


For query profiles stored on the portal, the following location attributes are also added:

Portal Folder

Here you can select one of the folders of the currently connected portal user. The query profile is then stored there.

The portal folder does not affect the search of query profiles on a portal.


Permission with which to save a portal query profile. Each saved profile is automatically shared with the currently connected portal user. In addition, the following releases can be made:

•Organization - Any user of the organization, which includes the connected portal user, can see and use the query profile.

•Everyone - Any user with access to the currently used portal can see and use the query profile.

•Groups - Several groups can be selected by the currently connected portal user for whom this query profile should be shared.

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