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As far as the control of the editing tools is concerned, this can be done either via the Dimensioning Editor or via the ArcGIS Pro Create Features dialog. Inputs are synchronized directly with each other. E.g., if the scale is changed, this implicitly requires a change of the active template in the ArcGIS Pro Create Features dialog. This is also automatically synchronized.


Dimension Editor Dialog



Create Features Dialog



The properties available for selection in the Editing Editor vary depending on the activated tool. The properties described here apply to all tools.



Dimensions are also essentially dependent on design functionalities. However, these functionalities are often very helpful in completely different contexts. Thus, construction points of an orthogonal dimension can be used for the generation of resources.

These options can be used to select whether dimension and/or construction features are to be generated.



A reliability can be set for each dimension feature. In the case of features specified as imprecise, the dimension text in the map is preceded by a tilde ~. The value range of the reliability specifications is individually parameterized via a domain in the database. A reliability threshold value is used to define the point at which a dimension is marked as accurate. This limit value can be changed at any time.



Annotations can be designed for different map scales. Here the available scales are provided for selection.



A status can be entered for each dimension and construction feature. It is a optional functionality. It is only available if a corresponding parameterization is found. If these conditions are met, the dialogs expand accordingly. The value range of the status is parameterized individually via a domain in the database.



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