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Map Display

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The Map Display pane links to a list of map displays. A map display is to be interpreted on the target platform as an independent map, or as an independent map frame. A map display is created by a Portal for ArcGIS user with appropriate publisher rights within ArcGIS Pro and simultaneously shared to Portal for ArcGIS. Once the map display has been published to the Portal for ArcGIS, all users with the necessary access rights can use the map display and create maps from it on the desired target platform.

A map display always has a title, a description, a meaningful thumbnail and at least one tag. Optionally, the map display can be assigned a property Topic that can be added to the map display, which allows a possible grouping in different displays.

In ArcGIS Pro there are two different methods to load a map from a map display. The following two variants are supported:

Map Displays (gallery)

Map Display Manager


The two variants are described in detail in the following chapters.

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