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Rotate Point Symbol

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This tool can be used to rotate point symbols and align them to lines. Prerequisite is the parameterization of a rotation field in the symbolization of the point layer. Geographic and Arithmetic rotation styles are supported.



All changes require immediate editing of the features. Finally, they have to be saved or discarded in the ArcGIS Pro Editor. The actions Undo or Redo are possible.



A point is selected on the map. If more than one point is found on the map during localization, these are made available for selection in a subsequent dialog. Exactly one point must be determined.

If automatic alignment is enabled, an attempt will be made to identify line segments related to the point location. If exactly one line segment is found, the symbol of the point is aligned with this line. If the point is a vertex of a polygon, it is aligned to the angle difference. Both segments of polylines and polygons are considered. In this mode, a subsequent point can be edited immediately by reselecting it in the map.

If the automatic alignment is deactivated, any line in the map can be selected after the point selection, which will then be aligned to. The point does not have to lie on this line course. Thus, point symbols can also be aligned in single position. The alignment is also calculated depending on the selection point of the line. It is aligned to the segment point closest to the selection point. The New button or the Esc key enables the subsequent selection of a new edit point.


All line alignment calculations are based on line segments only. I.e. features whose geometry is a polygon as well as the merge of several feature geometries are considered.



The toolbar can be used to change the orientation to a specific angle. Furthermore, the rotation can be adjusted as desired in 90° steps. An adjustment can also be initiated using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right . Reset resets the angle of rotation to zero.




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