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Requirements for ArcGIS Pro and Studio Desktop

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Software Requirements

The following software must be installed before installing ArcGIS Pro:

ArcGIS Pro 3.x is a minimum requirement for Studio Desktop.



Minimum requirement

Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.5 or a later patch release (6.0.6 and so on), using a Windows x64 installer, is required. The presence of Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 7 or later is inconsequential.



Operating System


Operating System

Windows 11 Home, Pro, and Enterprise (64 bit)

Windows 10 Home, Pro, and Enterprise (64 bit)

Windows Server 2022 Standard and Datacenter (64 bit)

Windows Server 2019 Standard and Datacenter (64 bit)

Windows Server 2016 Standard and Datacenter (64 bit)



Hardware Requirements

The minimum, recommended, and optimal requirements to run ArcGIS Pro with Studio Desktop are listed below. Minimum requirements will support the application, but may not perform well. Recommended requirements perform well in most situations. Best performance is gained using the Optimal requirements.



Supported and recommended


Minimum: 2 cores, simultaneous multithreading

Simultaneous multithreading, or hyperthreading, of CPUs typically features two threads per core. A multithreaded 2-core CPU will have four threads available for processing, while a multithreaded 6-core CPU will have 12 threads available for processing.

Full Motion Video has higher minimum and recommended CPU specifications. See Introduction to Full Motion Video for details.

Recommended: 4 cores

Optimal: 10 cores




Minimum: 32 GB of free space

Recommended: 32 GB or more of free space on a solid-state drive (SSD)


Minimum: 8 GB

Recommended: 32 GB

Optimal: 64 GB or more

Dedicated (not shared) graphics memory

Recommended: 4 GB or more

If you're using a notebook computer with an integrated GPU, consider increasing the system RAM to compensate for the use of shared memory.

Visualization cache

The temporary visualization cache can consume up to 32 GB of space, if available, in the user-selected location. By default, the visualization cache is written to the user profile’s \Local subfolder, so it does not roam with the user profile if roaming profiles are enabled by your system administrator.


Minimum: DirectX 11, feature level 11.0, Shader Model 5.0


Minimum: OpenGL 4.3 with the ARB_clip_control and EXT_texture_compression_s3tc extensions

Recommended: OpenGL 4.5 with the ARB_shader_draw_parameters, EXT_swap_control, EXT_texture_compression_s3tc, and EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic extensions

Screen resolution

Minimum: 1024x768

Recommended: 1080p or higher


If DirectX requirements are not met, OpenGL is automatically used. You can also manually change to OpenGL, such as when you suspect an issue with your DirectX driver.


Note that it is preferred to use an SSD for the data drive due to the robust increase in performance, especially when dealing with large data sets.


Licensing Requirements

ArcGIS Pro with Studio Desktop is licensed software and based on the number of ArcGIS identities (named users for ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS) that your organization has. To obtain a Studio Desktop license, contact Customer Service at To license ArcGIS Pro, see ArcGIS Pro licensing.




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