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Installation of Workflow for ArcGIS Pro

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The installation of Workflow for ArcGIS Pro occurs automatically when you install VertiGIS Studio Desktop.


Before You Begin

Make sure you meet the requirements outlined in the Requirements section.


Main Steps to Install Desktop

Before installing Studio Desktop:

Ensure ArcGIS Pro is installed.

Ensure you have an available license for VertiGIS Studio Desktop.


How to install Studio Desktop:

1.Launch the VertiGIS Desktop Installer for ArcGIS Pro.

2.Accept the License Agreement and click Next.

3.Ensure that both Studio Printing and Studio Workflow will be installed and click Next.

4.Ensure that the Launch Studio Desktop Post Installer is checked and click Finish.

5.The Post Installer launches. Click Next to continue.

6.The post installer starts. Click Next.

7.Either click Activate Online or enter a key in the Offline Activation Key field.

8.Once you have successfully configured the installation, click Close.

Installed Components

The installed components are found in Project > Add-In Manager.


The installed components include:

VertiGIS Studio Pro Printing

VertiGIS Studio Desktop Dimension Editor

VertiGIS Studio Desktop Toolkit

VertiGIS Studio Desktop Map Displays

VertiGIS Studio Workflow




The options are found in Project >Options.


Available options include:

Support Markdown in Forms - Markdown is a lightweight markup language for creating formatted text using a plain-text editor. If this option is enabled, the Markdown syntax can be used to markup plain text when used in forms.




You can either uninstall Workflow for ArcGIS Pro or uninstall Studio Desktop, which will also uninstall associated packages such as Workflow for ArcGIS Pro and Printing for ArcGIS Pro.


How to uninstall Desktop:

1.Go to Add or remove programs in Settings.

2.Locate and click VertiGIS Studio Desktop for ArcGIS Pro in the list.

3.Click Uninstall.


How to uninstall Workflow for ArcGIS Pro:

1.Go to Add or remove programs in Settings.

2.Locate and click VertiGIS Studio Desktop for ArcGIS Pro in the list.

3.Click Modify.

4.Click Next when the Desktop Setup Wizard launches.

5.Click Change.

6.In the Custom Setup window, expand Studio Workflow and click Entire feature will be unavailable.

7.Click Next to continue.

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