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About This Document

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The Workflow for ArcGIS Pro Help explains how to:

Install Studio Desktop (with Workflow for ArcGIS Pro).

Use the Entry Point Manager to add custom launching points for workflows, geospatial tools, and actions.

Use Workflow Manager for searching, categorizing, filtering, and editing of your workflows.

Organize and use your gallery (Studio Workflows) to manage your favorite workflows.


This help is written for GIS specialists who are responsible for organizing and running workflows and geospatial tools within ArcGIS Pro.


Conventions Used in this Guide

This guide uses the following conventions:


User input and interface references: In procedural sections, when you are instructed to do something in the user interface, the UI components are in bold typeface to stand out from the rest of the text, for example:

oIn the Name box, type a name.

Code examples: Code snippets are presented in a different typeface and may have background shading, for example:

<ElementName ID="1" DisplayName="My Component" />

Or, code snippets may be embedded within a sentence, such as Code Example.

Cautions, Notes, and Tips: Information that is useful or important is set apart and emphasized by adding an icon to draw attention to it and identify what type of information it is. There are three levels of information:

Cautions are indicated by the exclamation icon on a yellow background. Cautions indicate information that could cause you to lose data if you do not follow the instructions.

Notes are indicated by the sticky note icon. Notes include information that is important for you to know.

Tips are indicated by the light bulb icon. Tips contain information that makes a task easier or provides extra information that is useful but not essential.

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