Upgrading on Android

Before upgrading the Geocortex Mobile App Framework or the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5, to avoid losing any unsaved changes, users must synchronize each viewer that has unsaved changes.

Upgrade from Version 2.x

Upgrading follows a similar procedure to first-time installation. If you used a customized installation package the first time you made GMAF available, use a customized installation package to upgrade. If you downloaded the installation package from the VertiGIS Studio Support the first time, use the download package to upgrade.

Upgrading preserves the Essentials registration, ArcGIS Runtime SDK licensing, TPK files, viewers, and feature data.

Main Steps

The main steps to upgrade the Geocortex Mobile App Framework from version 2.x given below:

  1. Obtain the Installation Package.

  2. Deploy the Installation Package.

  3. Allow the installation of non-Play Store apps on the device.

  4. Install the App.

Upgrade from Version 1.x

There is no automated upgrade process from version 1.x to version 2.x. To upgrade from version 1.x, the user must uninstall version 1.x and install version 2.x like a new installation.

The location where TPK files are stored is different in version 2.x. After installing 2.x, the user must re-download or move the TPK files to the new location.

To upgrade the Geocortex Mobile App Framework version 1.x to version 2.x:

  1. Uninstall the Geocortex Mobile App Framework 1.x using the device's usual app removal method.

  2. Install GMAF for Android 2.x.

  3. Restore the TPK files.

    The easiest way to restore the TPK files is for the user to re-download the offline maps. Alternatively, copy any TPK files from the old (1.x) location to the new (2.x) location.

    In 1.x, the TPK files are located in the Geocortex folder in the device's root folder:


    In 2.x, the TPK files are located here:


  4. Delete the old (1.x) folder: