ExportMap Module

The Export Map Module makes it possible for users to export the current map image.

The HTML5 Viewer has an Export tool, which can be added from the list of available tools in Manager. The Export tool calls the ShowExportMapDialog command. You can also create menu items, hyperlinks, or workflows that export the map image using the ShowExportMapDialog command.

Export tool

If you want users to be able to include georeference data with the map image you can configure this in Essentials. Including georeference data allows the image to be accurately positioned in other GIS applications. You can also configure the default file format to export the map image to. The user can change the file format. These settings are configured in the site, not in the viewer. For information, see Map Export.

iOS does not support ZIP files. To use Export features that produce ZIP files in the Geocortex Mobile App Framework for iOS, you must install third-party software to handle ZIP files, such as iZip.

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