InsightIntegration Module

The InsightIntegration Module implements integration between Geocortex Analytics and the HTML5 viewer.

The InsightIntegration Module collects usage and other data about the viewer and sends it to the Client Relay Collector in Analytics. The InsightIntegration module creates a file in local storage and adds events that happen in the viewer to this file. Once the file reaches 100 KB, or the configured amount of time has lapsed, the module creates a zip file and sends it to the Client Relay Collector.

The InsightIntegration Module then collects data about:

This data is collected and used in informative reports within Analytics.

The domains of Analytics and the HTML5 Viewer are likely different. If so, to ensure the HTML5 Viewer can send data to Geocortex Analytics, you must add a proxy entry for Geocortex Analytics in the proxy.config file, which is located in the root folder where HTML5 Viewer is installed. For example, <serverUrl url="" matchAll="true"></serverUrl>.

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