Analytics Integration

Geocortex Analytics collects data about and reports on GIS infrastructure. If you have not purchased Geocortex Analytics , skip this page.

If you are running Geocortex Analytics, you must configure your viewer applications to send data to the Client Relay Collector in Analytics so it can report on viewer activity. The InsightIntegration module in HTML5 viewers collects and sends usage and other data about the viewer to the Client Relay Collector at configurable intervals. The Analytics Integration page in Manager enables you to configure the settings required to send this data to Analytics.

Open the Analytics Integration Page

To open an HTML5 viewer's Analytics Integration page in Manager:

  1. In Geocortex Essentials Manager, edit the viewer that you want to configure—edit the site that the viewer belongs to, click Viewers in the side panel, and then click the Edit icon beside the viewer.

  2. In the side panel, click Analytics Integration.

Analytics Integration Settings

The Analytics Integration page has the following settings:

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