LayerList Module

This module can be configured using Geocortex Essentials Manager. For instructions, see The Layer List.

The LayerList Module controls the Layers panel that displays on the left side of the viewer by default. It contains the configurable directory of folders, map services, layers and basemaps that are available in the viewer. End users use the Layers panel to change the visibility of layers, show legend swatches, change the transparency of layers, and more.

You can use Manager to control which folders, map services and layers are initially turned on in the Layers panel when a user launches the viewer. For information, see Configure a Folder's Default Visibility, Configure a Map Service's Default Visibility, or Configure a Layer's Default Visibility.

Layers panel

Panel Actions menu

Layer Theme selection

Layer List Filter input field


Opens Layer Actions menus

Visibility settings
Transparency sliders


Legend swatches in the Legend panel

Legend swatches

Filter the Layer List

When the user begins typing in the Filter input field, the layer list shows the layer names that match or contain the text in the Filter field. If the matching layers are in folders, those folders are displayed and expanded to show the layer names.

For example, the following image shows the results of filtering the layer list to show any layers containing "Ma". The search is not case sensitive, and in this example Imagery is included in the results because it contains "ma".

If the user selects Show Legend in the Panel Actions menu, the Filter input field indicates that the filtering applies to swatches.

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