SkipLinks Module

This module can be configured using Manager. For instructions, see Accessibility Window.

The SkipLinks module allows keyboard users to open a skip navigation menu containing links to the most used areas in the Viewer. Users can traverse the links by tabbing.

This module is supported in the Desktop interface.

The default skip navigation link items are defined in SkipLinksActions and consists of links to the Side Panel, Search, I want to..., Toolbar, and Map. Initial focus is on the Side Panel link, and subsequent tabbing traverses each of the items in the menu. Users can quickly return to the skip navigation links menu by clicking the address field in the Viewer and then tabbing to open the menu. Users can also return to the initial item in the menu by continuing to tab through the Viewer, or they can access the last link in the menu by tabbing back (SHIFT+TAB) through the Viewer.

Note that only 5 skip link items are supported in order to minimize the amount of tabbing required to access specific areas in the Viewer.

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