Accessibility Window

The Accessibility page in Manager has settings to configure the viewer's Accessibility window. The Accessibility window informs users of the accessibility features in the HTML5 Viewer. To open the Accessibility window in the Desktop or Tablet interface, the user clicks the Accessibility icon in the viewer's banner. In the Handheld interface, the default I Want To menu has a "View the Accessibility Window" option that the user can use to open the Accessibility window.

You can configure the viewer to show or hide the Accessibility icon and the option in the I Want To menu. You can also customize the title and content of the Accessibility window. The content of the Accessibility window is defined using HTML markup. The content can include formatted text, images, and hyperlinks.

Default Accessibility window

The Accessibility window is implemented by the Accessibility Module. See Accessibility Module for information.

Open the Accessibility Page

To open an HTML5 Viewer's Accessibility page in Manager:

  1. In Geocortex Essentials Manager, edit the viewer that you want to configure—edit the site that the viewer belongs to, click Viewers in the side panel, and then click the Edit icon beside the viewer.

  2. In the side panel, click Accessibility.

    The Accessibility page opens.

Accessibility Window Settings

The Accessibility page has the following settings:

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