TimeSlider Module

You can configure the Time Slider map widget in Manager. See Map Widgets for more information.

The TimeSlider Module allows users to interact with time-aware layers on the map. The Time Slider map widget can display changes to features on the map over time.

Time slider map widget (collapsed)

The time selected on the timeline corresponds with the features that are displayed on the map. If a feature's timestamp is outside of the selected time, it is hidden from users. Timelines display changes to all of the visible time-aware layers on the map at once.

You can change the selected time using the handles on the timeline. Depending on the configured Time Mode setting, there may only be one handle. For more information see Time Modes.

Enable Time Sliders from the Toolbar

You can configure the Time Slider tool when you configure the toolbar in Manager. Find the Time Slider tool in the list of Available Tools and drag it to the Configured Toolbar pane.

Time Slider tool

Expanded Time Slider

The time slider can be expanded using the drop-down node to reveal additional settings. It also displays the name of the selected time slider profile and displays the full time extent amount in a banner. In the image below, the time extent is "4mo 26d 0h".

Time slider map widget (expanded)

The expanded time slider includes the Play Timeline, Step Back, and Step Forward controls. The controls allow users to animate the changes to visible time-aware layers over time. The selected position on the timeline moves forward or backward consecutively, showing or hiding features based on their time information.

The following functionality is available from the expanded Time Slider map widget:

Time Slider Settings

When you select the More Settings button on the expanded Time Slider map widget, the Time Slider Settings panel opens. It allows users to further customize the time slider configuration:

Time Modes

The TimeSlider Module includes three time modes. Time modes change how the time extent can be selected.

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