User Module

The User Module implements user sign-in and sign-out to sites that are secured using Essentials Security.

Depending on your security configuration, users may be prompted to sign in when they launch a viewer. For information about Essentials Security, see Security.

In addition, the HTML5 Viewer has links and tools that users can use at any time to sign in or sign out:

If you prefer to customize how users sign in and sign out, you can create hyperlinks, toolbar tools, menu items, and workflows that invoke the User Module's SignIn and SignOut commands.

The Desktop and Tablet interfaces have two views and two view models. SignInView and SignInViewModel control sign-in. UserInfoView and UserInfoViewModel control sign-out. By default, the sign-in and sign-out hyperlinks are in the viewer's BannerContentRegion. The Handheld interface does not have any views or view models.

Configuration Properties


No configuration properties


No views

As of HTML5 Viewer 2.3, UserInfoView and SignInView were moved from the User Module to the Banner Module in the Desktop and Tablet interfaces.


View Models

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