Visualization Module

The Visualization Module is a container that hosts visualization providers. There are several ways to visualize layers:

For additional information, see LayerStyles Module, ClusterLayers Module, and HeatMaps Module.

Features shown individually (left), clustered (center), and in a heat map (right)

The Visualization Module also implements the Visualization Options panel, where users can change the current visualization and its settings. Activating the Visualization Module's VisualizationView opens the Visualization Options panel.

By default, VisualizationView is hosted in LayerDataContainerRegion. VisualizationView contains LayerVisualizationRegion, which hosts the settings for the currently selected visualization.

Regions used for the Visualization Options panel

The Visualization Module provides two commands and two events, which you can use in hyperlinks and workflows:

For more information, see Viewer Commands and Events.

Configuration Properties


No configuration properties


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