The viewer includes default configuration for displaying measurements in the viewer. Whenever users create drawings on the map, the measurement configuration is used to display the measurement lines and text. The Measurement page in Manager allows you to modify the configuration used.

Example of a polygon's area and line measurements

Open the Measurement Page

To open an HTML5 viewer's Measurement page in Manager:

  1. In Geocortex Essentials Manager, edit the viewer that you want to configure—edit the site that the viewer belongs to, click Viewers in the side panel, and then click the Edit icon beside the viewer.

  2. In Manager's side panel, click Measurement.

Measurement Settings

You can configure the appearance of measurement lines. For area measurements, these settings apply to the polygon's line segments. There are also two settings that apply to all measurements, Markup Layer Name and Add Markup to Map By Default.

Total Measurement Settings

You can configure the appearance of measurement totals for polygons, such as the area and the total perimeter measurement. Total measurements are displayed on top of the drawing. The settings for total measurements are:

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