Feature Hyperlinks

Feature hyperlinks are links to web pages that are relevant to the current feature. They give the end user easy access to information related to the feature. For example, if a layer has fields for latitude and longitude, you could create a feature hyperlink that links to the feature’s Google Street View.

In the viewer, feature hyperlinks appear as a section in the feature details.

A feature hyperlink in the viewer

Feature hyperlinks can be static URIs, or they can be generated at run time in the viewer. Generating the URI at run time makes it possible to build values that are specific to the current feature into the URI. This is done by including field tokens or layer tokens in the configured URI. Field tokens are replaced at run time with the field's value for the selected layer. Field tokens can also be used in the hyperlink's text and tool tip.

Example: Feature Hyperlink that Contains a Field Token

The feature hyperlink shown below is configured on the Zip Codes layer. It uses the {ZIP} field token in the hyperlink text, URI, and tool tip. The Icon URI also includes the {VirtualDirectoryUri} client token.

Configuration of a feature hyperlink using field tokens

If a user searched for the zip code 28269 and selected the 28269 feature from the Zip Code layer, the feature details would include the configured feature hyperlink. The feature hyperlink's text would appear as "28269 Census Data", where 28269 is the feature's {ZIP}. In the same way, the URI would point to http://www.city-data.com/zips/28269.html, where 28269 is the feature's {ZIP}.

Feature Hyperlink Settings

Settings that Apply to All Feature Hyperlinks

The following settings affect all the hyperlinks that are configured for the layer:

Settings for Individual Hyperlinks

Individual feature hyperlinks have the following settings:

Add a Feature Hyperlink

To add a feature hyperlink:

  1. In Manager, click Map in the side panel, click the Map Services tab, expand the map service that the layer belongs to, and then click the Edit icon next to the layer.

  2. Click Add Feature Hyperlink.

  3. Configure the settings.

  4. Configure the settings.

  5. Click OK.

    The feature hyperlink is created.

  6. Click Save Site.

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