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Sign-in settings control the appearance of sign-in and sign-out hyperlinks in viewers, and specify the page that the user's browser goes to after the user signs out (the landing page). Every site has its own sign-in settings, so different sites can have different sign-in behavior.

Clicking the icon beside the sign-out hyperlink shows the identity of the user that is signed in.

Identity of the current user

The sign-in and sign-out hyperlinks are useful for sites that are secured using multiple security providers. If you are using Anonymous Access and at least one other security provider, you should use both hyperlinks. When a user launches the viewer, the site loads with Anonymous Access - Guest permissions. The sign-in hyperlink allows the user to sign in to a security provider with access to additional parts of the site. The sign-out hyperlink allows the user to sign back out to Anonymous Access, or to the landing page if you have configured one.

If you are using multiple security providers, but not Anonymous Access, you only need the sign-out hyperlink. The only time the viewer is displayed in the browser is when the user is signed in. If the sign-in hyperlink is enabled, the user will never see it.

If you are using a single security provider, you might want to enable the sign-out hyperlink and configure a landing page. For example, if users launch the viewer by clicking a hyperlink in your company website, you might want to return users to the company website when they sign out.

In a situation where you configured a site for Windows Integrated authentication only, users can sign in to an HTML5 viewer for that site with their Windows credentials. However, when they sign out, if a sign-out landing page has not been specified, they are automatically returned to the viewer and signed in with their Windows credentials. To prevent this from occurring, click Permissions in the side panel in Manager to open the Permissions page, and then click the Sign-In Settings tab. Add a landing page in the Sign-Out Landing Page URL field using the full URL format. Then, when users sign out, they are re-directed to the specified landing page rather than being signed back into the viewer.

Configure Sign-In Settings

Each site has its own sign-in settings.

To configure a site's sign-in settings:

  1. In Manager, edit the site that you want to configure, and then click Permissions in the side panel.

  2. Click the Sign-In Settings tab.

  3. Configure the settings as desired:

  4. Click Apply Changes.

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