Anonymous Access

Anonymous access gives users immediate access to a site without being authenticated. Anonymous access is also called guest access.

Anonymous Access is often used in conjunction with one or more security providers. Typically, Anonymous Access gives access to a subset of the site, and the other security providers give access to additional parts of the site or to the entire site. When a user launches the viewer, the site loads immediately with Anonymous Access - Guest permissions. To see additional parts of the site, the user must sign in to one of the other security providers. When the user signs out, either the site reloads with Anonymous Access - Guest permissions, or the browser redirects to the landing page if you have configured one.

Another use for Anonymous Access is to filter out components that are irrelevant to users.

The Anonymous Access security provider has a single role that you can apply permissions to, called Anonymous Access - Guest.

Configure the Anonymous Access Security Provider

To configure the Anonymous Access security provider:

  1. Make sure that the Anonymous Access security provider is enabled.

    The Anonymous Access security provider is enabled by default.

  2. Configure permissions using the Anonymous Access - Guest role in each site that uses the Anonymous Access security provider.

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