Geocortex Essentials Uninstallation

Components (Programs)

Depending on your version of Windows, you uninstall Essentials from:

The applicable components to uninstall are:

If you used the Collaboration feature, (Undefined variable: GE.Geocortex) Collaboration is also in the list of programs for uninstallation.

If you installed Geocortex Analytics or Geocortex Optimizer for use with Essentials, review the uninstallation information in their respective Installation Guides.

The number of Essentials components installed on a server depends on whether you installed Essentials using the Typical or Custom installation options. The Custom option allows you to install a subset of the components.

When you uninstall the software, any files that were not installed with the software remain on the server's storage drive, such as site configuration files and log files. The Core Data directory remains on the server so that if you reinstall Essentials, the existing data and data settings can be used. The default installation location for the Data directory is:

C:\Program Files\Latitude Geographics\Geocortex Core\Data

If you do not reinstall Essentials, you can delete the Data directory.

Web Server Configuration

Essentials uses Internet Information Services (IIS).

Files and Folders

The default location is C:\inetpub\wwwroot. The files and folders created here include:

In some cases you may want to manually remove these files and folders after uninstalling Essentials.

Default IIS Configuration

When you use the Post Installer to deploy the Essentials web applications to IIS, it creates the default configurations shown below.

In addition to removing the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Geocortex folder, each viewer template folder, and the proxy and cross-domain files, you may want to remove the application pools from your website within IIS Manager. For more information, see Manage the Essentials Web Components.