Export Map Service Activity


Performs an export operation on an ArcGIS Server map service.

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This activity encapsulates the ArcGIS Server MapServer/export REST endpoint. It allows you to generate an exportable output from a map service, such as a PNG image or a PDF.

In a Workflow:

The Export Map Service activity can be used to generate a map service image with specific dimensions, spatial extent and visible layers. This image could then be included as an email attachment or embedded in a report.


Name Description

In Arguments


The network credentials that are sent to the host and used to authenticate the request.


The device resolution of the exported image (dots per inch). If the dpi is not specified, an image with a default DPI of 96 will be exported.

Dynamic Layer Infos

A collection of dynamic layers to include in the exported map image.


The map extent to export. If not specified, the default extent of the map service will be used. If the extent does not define a spatial reference it is assumed to match that of the map service.


The format of the exported image (png | png8 | png24 | png32 | jpg | pdf | bmp | gif | svg). The default format is png.

GDB Version

The geodatabase version on which the export will be performed.

Image Height

The height in pixels of the map image.

Image Spatial Reference

The spatial reference to use for the exported map image. If not specified, the default spatial reference of the map service will be used.

Image Width

The width in pixels of the map image.

Layer Definitions

Layer definitions used to filter the features of individual layers in the exported map.

Layer Drawing Options

The rendering options for the layers specified in DynamicLayerInfos.

Layer Time Options

The time options per layer.


The layers to appear on the exported map. For example "show:1,2,3,5".

Map Scale

Use this parameter to export a map image at a specific scale, with the map centered around the center of the specified bounding box.

Map Service Url

The URL of the ArcGIS Server map service. For example: http://server/arcgis/rest/services/<serviceName>/MapServer.


The time instant or the time extent for the exported map image.


The token for accessing a secure ArcGIS service.


If true, the image will be exported with the background color of the map set as its transparent color. The default is false.


Display Name


You can change the name of an activity to one that describes what it does. A descriptive name can make a workflow easier to interpret and maintain.

Out Arguments


A System.Byte array containing the raw export result.

Result Image

The export result represented as a Bitmap. To use this argument you must specify an image format that is compatible with a Bitmap such as bmp, jpg, or png. The activity will throw an exception if this argument is used when the format is pdf or svg.

Version Information:

Supported from: Geocortex Essentials 3.15.