Get Graphics Layer Content Activity


Obtains the content of a graphics layer in a client application.

Inheritance Hierarchy:



This activity allows you to obtain the features of an existing graphics layer.

In a Workflow:

You would use this activity to obtain client side graphics. For example, you can acquire a FeatureSet containing the user drawn markup from the Drawings layer.


Name Description

In Arguments

Geometry Type

The type of geometry to retrieve from the graphics layer. If not specified, all features will be returned.

This activity will fail if the Geometry Type is not specified and the graphics layer contains mixed geometry types.

Graphics Layer Id

The Id of the graphics layer.


Display Name


You can change the name of an activity to one that describes what it does. A descriptive name can make a workflow easier to interpret and maintain.

External Id

An activity handler within a client can reference this particular activity using this external identifier.

Out Arguments


The features of the graphics layer.

If the graphics layer does not exist this value will be null.

Version Information:

Supported from: Geocortex Essentials 4.0, Geocortex Viewer for Silverlight 2.0, Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.0.