Get Object IDs Activity


Obtains the Object ID integer values from a FeatureSet.

Inheritance Hierarchy:



This activity allows you to obtain the Object ID integer values from a FeatureSet as an IList<int>.

The FeatureSet must specify its ObjectIdFieldName.

This activity throws an error if the Object ID values of the FeatureSet are not integers. If your Object IDs are of another data type, such as strings, use the Get Attribute Values <T> activity instead.

In a Workflow:

You would use this activity to construct a list of Object ID integers to pass to another activity such as a Query Task or Delete Features activity.


Name Description

In Arguments


The FeatureSet to obtain the Object IDs from.


Display Name


You can change the name of an activity to one that describes what it does. A descriptive name can make a workflow easier to interpret and maintain.

Out Arguments


The Object ID integer values of the FeatureSet.

Version Information:

Supported from: Geocortex Essentials 3.10.