Invoke Workflow Async Activity


Invokes another workflow asynchronously.

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This activity loads and asynchronously executes a workflow defined by a XAML file. The current workflow can supply inputs to the child workflow using a dictionary.

The asynchronously invoked workflow runs as a background process. It does not block execution of the current workflow.

There are limitations on the asynchronously invoked workflow:

In a Workflow:

The Invoke Workflow Async activity can be used to run another workflow on a different thread from the current workflow. This may be useful when authoring a workflow that contains processing logic that no longer requires user interaction. Consider a workflow that prompts the user for several pieces of information, then uses that information to query data, assemble a report, and finally send the report via email. The query and reporting portion of the workflow may take several minutes to complete but it does not require any user interaction. The user must wait for all of the processing to complete before their workflow completes. With the Invoke Workflow activity the user's workflow can complete as soon as the interactive portion is done. The processing portion will run on a background thread and not delay the user.


Name Description

In Arguments


The inputs to the workflow.


The interval in which the workflow must complete before it is aborted and a TimeoutException is thrown.

Workflow Xaml Uri

The URI of the workflow XAML file to run. For example: C:\\folder\\workflow.xaml; gcxfile:///folder/workflow.xaml. The specified workflow cannot contain client/external activities.


Display Name


You can change the name of an activity to one that describes what it does. A descriptive name can make a workflow easier to interpret and maintain.

Version Information:

Supported from: Geocortex Essentials 3.9.