Template Report Activity


Generates template-based reports.

Inheritance Hierarchy:



This activity generates a report on the server. Using this activity is more complex than using the Report activity. The activity does not generate a URL and data has to be collected using other activities and then passed to the report.

In a Workflow:

This activity is useful in any scenario where you need fine-grained control over the inputs of a report. This activity usually requires supporting custom code to construct the report data source and to handle the formatted output.


Name Description

In Arguments

Data Table Name

The name of the table in the DataSet that contains the data for the report. If a Data Table Name is not specified the first table in the DataSet will be used.


The DataRows that contain the data for the report.


The DataSet that contains the data for the report.

Output Format

The output format of the report.

Template Assembly Name

The name of the template report assembly.

Template Class Name

The name of the template report class.

Template Uri

The URI of the template report.


Display Name


You can change the name of an activity to one that describes what it does. A descriptive name can make a workflow easier to interpret and maintain.

Out Arguments

Report Data

The report output as a byte array.

Version Information:

Supported from: Geocortex Essentials 3.4.