Licensing Requirements

VertiGIS Studio Mobile is licensed software. If you do not have a full license, applications that you build will show a licensing message when they run.

To obtain a license, contact Customer Service at

Mobile is available as either a:

Mobile is also available as a free 60-day trial with full functionality for evaluation purposes.

Licensing and Installation Options for Mobile

You can use Mobile with ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, in the following combinations:

With this License:

Mobile Designer can be:

With your data stored in:




VertiGIS-managed SaaS


Installed on Premises

ArcGIS Online

VertiGIS-managed SaaS


Installed on Premises

On-premises Portal for ArcGIS*



Installed on premises

ArcGIS Online

Installed on premises

On-premises Portal for ArcGIS

* Requires a subscription license and registered as a subdomain. Contact VertiGIS Support.

Esri Licensing

Mobile is designed to consume and display content from a variety of Esri software, for example, ArcGIS Online, or Portal for ArcGIS. The Esri licenses that you require in order to author and publish content, are available from your Esri distributor.

Mobile uses the modern ArcGIS pattern and ArcGIS Identities to author and access applications. An Esri portal (ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise) and the ArcGIS Identities themselves are also available from your Esri distributor.

For an on-premises installation of Mobile Designer, the free, public ArcGIS Online accounts are not supported, because they do not permit you to create an ArcGIS Online app for Mobile that is essential for it to function. You must have an ArcGIS Online license that is for at least a Developer or Organization account.

ArcGIS Licensing Capabilities

To run either Mobile Designer, you need a valid ArcGIS Identity.

For Mobile apps to have full functionality to edit or sync your data while offline, you must have at least Basic licensing capabilities of Esri's Runtime or have an ArcGIS Runtime License code.

For more information on the Esri Licensing capabilities, see Licensing Your ArcGIS Runtime App.

If you plan to use Portal for ArcGIS and want to use VertiGIS Studio Go to view your apps, you need to add a Mobile app to your Portal for ArcGIS with specific permissions and tags, or you will get an error message when trying to open VertiGIS Studio Go.

For instructions on creating the app in Portal for ArcGIS, see Create an App in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS in the Mobile On-Premises Installation Help.

ArcGIS Runtime License Options

Mobile apps are usually run under a Named-User ArcGIS Runtime License. An alternative is to use a Runtime License key. The advantage of a Runtime License key, is that the app itself is licensed with a level of capability that then becomes available to all the users of that app. A Runtime License key is particularly useful for field workers who need to remain offline for periods longer than 30 days because there is no need for them to reconnect online in order to refresh their access token. They can continue to work with offline data indefinitely.

A Runtime License key can be acquired through your ArcGIS for Developer account or purchased in ArcGIS Runtime deployment packs. Each installation of an app that is available to a single user, counts as a deployment.

For more information, see License your app in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET.

Once you have a Runtime License key, you enter it into the app in Mobile Designer under the App service.

Interaction with other Licenses and Permissions

There are multiple ArcGIS licensing models and scenarios. How does the Runtime License key work with other types of licensing? A possible scenario for the interaction of your Esri licenses would be: 

Using Free ArcGIS Online Basemaps with a Runtime Code

If you create an app which uses a web map that makes use of a free Esri base map, and you license that app with a Runtime License key, then your users will receive an error when downloading a custom map area, unless they also have an ArcGIS Identity that is part of your Organization.

VertiGIS Studio Go Requirements

Operating System Requirements for VertiGIS Studio Go

We recommend using the latest available operating system supported by your device, as this ensures VertiGIS Studio Go can most effectively use the available hardware.

Recommended Hardware for VertiGIS Studio Go

For a smooth user experience, we strongly recommend the following hardware or better.



Internet Connectivity for On-Premises Mobile Designer

The on-premises client of Mobile Designer requires a connection to the Internet.

The apps created by the Mobile Designer and Go function both connected to and disconnected from, the Internet.

Supported Browsers

Mobile Designer runs in a desktop environment. We recommend the following browsers:

Mobile Designer requires a 64-bit browser.

Supported Versions of Portal for ArcGIS

VertiGIS Studio Mobile works with Portal for ArcGIS 10.5.1 or later.

Cookie Requirements

Mobile does not use cookies.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Requirements

By default, ArcGIS portals (including ArcGIS Online) allow cross-domain requests using Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS). In the Esri portal that you use with Mobile Designer, if you have any domains configured in the Organization | Settings | Security | Allow Origins setting, then you must add the Mobile Designer server as an allowed origin.

In the Esri portal that you use with Mobile Designer, configure the Organization | Settings | Security | Allow Origins setting in any of the following ways: