Introduction to VertiGIS Studio Mobile Installation Help

Welcome to the Installation Help for VertiGIS Studio Mobile. The Installation Help explains how to install the on-premises version of the VertiGIS Studio Mobile Designer and VertiGIS Studio Go as well as detailed requirements for running the software.

For documentation about creating and configuring Mobile apps, see the Designer Help.

For documentation about using Mobile apps on mobile devices, see the User Help.

For documentation about manual configuration and custom development, see VertiGIS Studio Community.

For documentation about web maps and using ArcGIS Online, see Esri's online help.

What is VertiGIS Studio Mobile?

VertiGIS Studio Mobile is a framework for configuring and building mobile offline-capable custom apps on Esri's platform. Mobile is part of the VertiGIS Studio suite of products.

You can use the Mobile framework to build mobile, offline-capable apps that can run on Android, iOS, or Windows platforms. Mobile apps make it possible to pan and zoom the map, search for features, review attributes, add and edit features, add attachments, and track your movements in real time. Integration with VertiGIS Studio Workflow ensures that you can build apps for many business processes. Mobile apps can be used in the field to collect data, including photos and documents that can be attached to the map, perform inspections, or add and edit ArcGIS features.

How can I access VertiGIS Studio Mobile Designer?

To access Mobile Designer, you can:

The Android, iOS or Windows version of Go can be downloaded from their app stores and installed on those devices.

What can I do with Mobile?

What are VertiGIS Studio Mobile Designer, VertiGIS Studio Go, and Custom Apps?

There are four key components to the VertiGIS Studio Mobile framework: