One-Time Setup

Depending on the environment and types of host application(s) you choose, you may have to do some preliminary setup before you start to use VertiGIS Studio Printing. The following sections provide background information that will help you to answer the question What setup do I need to do?

If you are evaluating VertiGIS Studio Printing, the quickest way to get started is to use cloud Printing and generate your printable maps using Print Designer's Preview feature. All you need is an ArcGIS Online account. You can get a free account here. Use your ArcGIS Online account to sign in to Print Designer and follow the steps in Get Started to design and generate your first printable map. You can perform the one-time setup at any time later.

On-Premises Printing vs. Cloud Printing

VertiGIS Studio Printing is designed to run in the cloud or on premises:

On-premises Printing offers additional capabilities that are not available in cloud Printing. To choose between cloud Printing and on-premises Printing, consider the whether you need any of the following capabilities:

Types of Host Applications

Print templates can run in Web AppBuilder apps, VertiGIS Studio Web apps, or Geocortex HTML5 viewers, or all three. Any print template can be hosted by any supported host application.

Use VertiGIS Studio Printing Without Internet Access

If your organization does not have or does not allow access to the Internet, you can set up VertiGIS Studio Printing to work without Internet access.

To use VertiGIS Studio Printing without access to the Internet:

  1. Install VertiGIS Studio Printing on premises.

  2. When you configure the Portal panel in the Post Installer, choose Portal for ArcGIS as the Portal Type. This ensures that the ArcGIS items associated with print templates are created in Portal for ArcGIS rather than ArcGIS Online.

  3. If you are going to host print templates in Web AppBuilder in Portal for ArcGIS:

    1. When you register the widgets, point the ArcGIS items for the widgets to the on-premises manifest.

    2. Modify the widgets to point to local resources.


By default, on-premises Printing allows server-side scripting. Scripting enables print authors to embed C# scripts in print templates. If you do not want to allow scripting, you can disable it.

What setup do I need to do?

Use the flowchart below to determine what preliminary setup you have to do, if any. Instructions for the setup procedures are as follows:

Install VertiGIS Studio Printing on Premises

Enable Scripting in On-Premises Printing

Register the Widgets with Web AppBuilder in Portal for ArcGIS

Point the Widgets to Local Resources

Deploy the Widgets to Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition)