Expressions specify how to find or calculate a value when the report runs. Properties of a print template item that can be configured using expressions are located in the Expressions Panel . To learn more about how to configure a property with an expression see the Expression Editor.

Expressions allow you to:

Expression Components

Expressions inVertiGIS Studio Print Designer can be made up of one or many of the following components:

To see a complete list of the operators, literals, and functions that you can use in expressions, see Operators, Literals, and Functions.

Syntax of Expressions

Follow the syntax conventions below when you create expressions:

Types of Expressions

String Expressions

String expressions are expressions that evaluate to a string. A complex string expression combines (concatenates) a number of string literals, and functions using the concatenation operator, +.

String literals are enclosed in single quotes, for example, 'This is a string literal'. Note that you cannot use double quotes (") instead of single quotations. To embed an apostrophe into a string literal, type a two apostrophes, for example, 'It''s an example' appears in the report as: It's an example

See also...

String Functions

Conditional Expressions

You can use conditional values in a report by using the logical function, Iif(). The Iif() function takes three arguments: a Boolean expression, a value to use if the Boolean expression evaluates to True, and a value to use if the Boolean expression evaluates to False. The arguments are separated by commas: Iif(BoolenExpression, TruePart, FalsePart).