Disable Scripting in On-Premises Reporting

Scripting is available in on-premises installations of VertiGIS Studio Reporting only. Scripting is not available in cloud Reporting.

Scripting allows report authors to write code that executes on your server. This can represent a security vulnerability if your report authors are not trusted.

Scripting is enabled by default in on-premises Reporting. You can disable it if you want.

To disable scripting in on-premises Reporting:

  1. As an administrator, edit the following web.config file:

    [installation_location]\VertiGIS Studio Reporting\Deployment\web.config

    If you installed VertiGIS Studio Reporting in the default location, the web.config file is here:

    C:\Program Files\VertiGIS\VertiGIS Studio Reporting\Deployment\web.config

  2. In <appSettings>, find this line:

    <add key="app:allowScripts" value="true" />

  3. Set value to false.

    The line should look like this:

    <add key="app:allowScripts" value="false" />

  4. Save the file.

    Scripting is now disabled.

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