In the process of developing your reports you may need to troubleshoot some problems. For a report to run successfully, ensure your report meets the following requirements:

Errors in reports can be exhibited in the following ways:

You can also use General Troubleshooting Tips for suggestions on how to resolve issues in your report.

Some of the solutions below reference error messages found in the logs. See Access Report Logs for how to open the logs.

An Error Message Appears

In the following scenarios, the Preview will also fail to generate.

Error Message

Possible Cause


Error when trying to populate the datasource. The following exception was thrown: ArcGIS Server Error - 504 : Your request has timed out.

The data being passed to the report parameter may be of a different type than what the parameter is set to accept. The parameter created by the Layer Report Wizard is set to Number (32 bit integer) so that the OBJECTID may be passed to it. However, if you are passing a different data type, or have created a custom parameter, you may need to modify the report parameter type.

Set the parameter Type to the data type that is being passed to the report.

Error message includes the words Token, Authentication or Current User

Two possible causes for this type of error are:

  1. The user has permission to access the report, but not the data sources.

  2. The report is public, but contains secured data sources.

The possible solutions to each of the causes are as follows:

  1. Update the data source's permissions.

  2. Secure the report or make the data source public.

The schema does not contain the following column: "<layer_name>"."<field_name>"

The query is configured to look at old field names that no longer exist in the ArcGIS layer. This may occur if you have republished with new field names.

In the Query Builder, delete the old field names and add the new ones.

Report Does Not Contain Data

Possible Cause


Incorrect query parameter configuration.

In order for a report parameter to affect which records are returned by the query, the report parameter must be bound to the query parameter in a filter condition. The report parameter is typically bound to the query parameter using an expression.

  1. In Report Designer, open the Field List.

  2. Edit the query.

  3. In the Data Source Wizard dialog, click Next.

  4. Expand the query parameter.

  5. Check that the Type is set to Expression.

  6. Check that the value uses the report parameter. For example, [Parameters.FeatureIds]

  7. Click Finish.

Invalid subreport configuration. Delete the subreport, but don't save your changes and then run your report in the Preview. If the report runs without the subreport, then there is likely a problem with the subreport configuration. Undo your changes and then proceed to troubleshoot your subreport configuration.
Invalid Query Builder configuration.

The Query Builder contains many different components that may indicate that a property is configured incorrectly. To review the Query Builder configuration, edit the query and open the Query Builder. Review each of the properties to note if an error icon appears next to any of them. This indicates that the configuration must be corrected.

Invalid Query Filter configuration.

The query filter restricts the records that are returned by a query. For more information on how to construct a Query Filter see Filter Conditions.

Some common solutions include:

  • A multi-value parameter, in most cases, uses the condition is any of rather than equals.

  • The value, in most cases, is set to the report parameter, not a static value.

  • Ensuring the correct field from the data has been set as the column block (the blue block on the left).

General Troubleshooting Tips

Create a Test Report

If your report doesn't populate with data, try using the Layer Report Wizard with the same data source as your broken report. Run the new test report as you would with your broken report and see if it populates with data. If the report populates with data, this indicates that your data source is configured correctly and the problem may lie elsewhere.