Configure Controls

For an explanation of controls see Controls.

For more information on each type of control, see the Control Reference

Add a Control

To add a control to a report, drag the control from the Control Bar to a band that will contain controls, like the Detail band. Scroll the Control Bar to see more controls.

Drag a control from the Control Bar and drop it on a band

If two controls overlap each other in the layout (), they are shaded red.

Similarly, if a control spans a band or margin boundary (), the control is shaded red.

Select a Control

Use any of the following methods to select a control:

When a control is selected, its handles show.

Selected Label control

Delete a Control

To remove a control from a report, select the control and press Delete on your keyboard or click Delete in Report Explorer.

Deleting a Panel control or Table control deletes the controls in the panel or table.

Properties of Controls

All control settings can be configured in the Properties panel. To configure a control's properties, first select the control. The Properties panel shows the properties for the currently selected control. For more information about a control's properties, see the Control Reference.

Some settings can also be configured in the layout. For example, you can double-click a Label control in the layout and type the text directly into the control.