North Arrow Control

VertiGIS Studio Reporting provides a variety of controls related specifically to the map. These controls appear if a user is licensed for both VertiGIS Studio Reporting and VertiGIS Studio Printing.


Includes a north arrow in the report output.

The Scale Bar control works with 2D maps only. If you print a 3D web scene from a Web AppBuilder app, the Map Info control will be blank.

Properties Common to Most Controls

For more information about the properties listed below, see Properties Common to Most Controls.

For more information regarding each of the property groups, see the Control Reference.



Align to Grid  Snaps the upper left corner of the control to the grid.

Size to Grid Resizes the control so all four corners are snapped to the grid.

Center Horizontally Centers the control within the width of the parent container.

Center Vertically Centers the control within the height of the parent container.

Bring to Front Positions the control in front of any overlapping controls.

Send to Back Positions the control behind any overlapping controls.

Fit Bounds to Container Resizes the control to occupy the entire parent container, excluding the borders.

    A container includes a band or a panel.

    This property is only enabled if the control is the only item in the container.


Keep Together

Type: Boolean

Sets whether an item can be split horizontally across pages. When false, the report item will be split across pages if all its contents do not fit on one page. When true, the contents of the item will be printed, as a whole, on the next page.

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