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VertiGIS Studio Search is a GIS search engine that allows administrators to create fast searches and configurable results based on enterprise data. Users can expect a boost to productivity when they quickly receive meaningful search results.

Studio Search is used by organizations that have large data sets and users that need to quickly find the data they require. You can quickly create indexes on enterprise data by using default settings, or dive into advanced settings to customize search results.

Studio Search consists of a designer and a back-end REST API. The designer allows you to create user-friendly graphical interfaces, such as Web Designer or Workflow Designer that can wrap calls to the backend Search Engine API. These wrapped calls to the API are Search apps designed in VertiGIS Studio Search.


VertiGIS Studio Search can be setup online or installed on premises.


Key Concepts

Search consists of the Search Designer, Studio Web, and Studio Web Designer (front end) and the Search Engine and API (back end). These integrate with your ArcGIS resources.




VertiGIS Studio Search is licensed software. If you do not have a full license, applications that you build will show a licensing message when they run.

To obtain a license, contact Customer Service at


Search is available as a subscription-based license. This allows you to run the software either in our VertiGIS Studio Software as a Service (SaaS) environment or on-premises (or both).


Search is also available as a free 60-day trial with full functionality for evaluation purposes.

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