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Create a Search App

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This procedure shows you how to build a simple app in Search Designer.

To build an app in Search Designer:

1.Launch the Search Designer and click the VertiGIS Studio Web icon.

2.In the popup dialog, enter the name of your app and click Create.

3.(OPTIONAL) In the App Config window, configure settings in the Basic Settings section below. See App Config for more information.

4.In the App Config window, click Create Resource.

The Create Resource Configuration window appears.

5.Either click Choose Layer or enter the Layer's URL. Click Test.

6.If the test returns a Valid URL message, then click Create. Otherwise, correct the URL and repeat this step until you receive a valid URL message.

7.Once the resource has been created, select the searchable fields in the Search Fields list.
Note, that at least one field must be chosen as Search Field.
Fields containing geometries, floating point numbers, binary data or XML content are usually not very useful as Search Fields.

To ensure a proper indexing of the data, always select OBJECTID as a minimum.

8.In the Unique ID Field, select OBJECTID and any other desired fields from the list.

9.(Optional) Enter a short and long description pattern.

You must save your app before it can be indexed and function fully. To save, navigate to File > Save.

10. Click Refresh to verify the app is indexed. When it is properly indexed, the status changes and you can see the creation date and the number of records.

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