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Configure Components

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The Components panel displays the tree-like hierarchy of the components that make up your web app. When a component contains subcomponents, the subcomponents are indented below the container component. Container components can be nested, that is, they can contain other container components. Container components can contain any number of components.

The components you use to build your app are categorized as follows:

Map components - determine the behavior of your app.

Layout components - determine the look and position of user interface elements of your app.

Other components - provide additional options for customizing your app.  

Components which are not part of the layout hierarchy are listed separately in the Services tab.

In Web, you can use Pinpoint Search  (CTRL+SHIFT+F)┬áto easily find any component. The Component Settings subsections list each component by its type, since component titles can be changed arbitrarily. To determine the type of a component, hover the mouse cursor over the component's icon in the Components panel.

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