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When you set up your app to deploy across multiple portals, you must also complete the following in the portal for your prod environment:

Add the originating server's domain to the destination server's list of redirect URLs in the Registered App for VertiGIS Studio Web.

Configure the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) setting.

This procedure shows a Dev-Prod deployment strategy, but the same applies for Dev-Test-Prod and Dev-Test-Staging-Prod.

To configure the portal settings:

1.Log in to your prod environment's ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise with an Administrator account.

2.In Content, select the registered app you used to configure the VertiGIS Studio Web Post Installer.

3.In Settings, navigate to the Application section and click Registered Info.

4.Under the list of redirect URLs, click Update.

5.Enter the domain for your VertiGIS Studio Web Development server in the list of redirect URIs.

6.Click Add > Update.

7.In the Organization tab, navigate to Settings.

8.In the left pane, select Security.

9.Navigate to the Allow Origins section.

10.If no domains are specified, leave it as is; all domains will be allowed. If at least one domain is specified, add your development server's domain.

11.Return to Deploy an App Across Multiple Portals to complete the remaining steps.

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